M.A.C. Upstarts

Upstarts - North America (Online Only) September 3, 2009, International (Asia and Travel Retail) - Sept 2009
Cheeky, Uppity, out-of-the-gate and ahead of the game, Upstarts live in their own perfect little worlds! Four stylishly clear makeup bags, each containing the magic miniature matrix required to be inspired al the way! Choose from Lined & Lashed for instantly flashing eyes, Well Prepared for the ultimate Prep + Prime, Flawless for the richness of Mineralize Skinfinish, and Perfectly Bright for the Lightful brightening. All just right for gone-in-sixty-seconds travel action, or try-me-you'll-like-me (then you can't live without me) experimentation.

Upstarts: Lined & Lashed $27.00USD/$32.50CAD
-Zoom Lash in Zoomblack (Saleable size)
-Prep + Prime Lash (Saleable size )
-Softsparkle Eye Pencil - Nightsky (Promotional size)
-Pro Eye Makeup Remover (Promotional size)

Upstarts: Flawless $56.50USD/$70.50CAD
-Mineralize Skinfinish SPF15 Foundation (Saleable size)
-Mineralize Skinfinish
- Soft And Gentle (Saleable size)
-Cleanse Off Oil Tranquil (Promotional size)
-Charged Water - Revitalizing Energy (Promotional size)

Upstarts: Well Prepared $47.00USD/$56.50CAD
-Prep + Prime Skin (Saleable size)
-Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder (Saleable size)
-Cleanse Off Oil (Promotional size)Fix + (Promotional size)

Upstarts: Brightfully Light (Asia Only)
-Lightful Ultracharge Foundation SPF25 (Saleable size)
-Lightful Protective Moisturizer (Saleable size)
-Lightful Softening Lotion (Promotional size)
-Lightful Cleanser (Promotional size)


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