Fall 09: Helena Rubinstein Stellar Serie

Helena Rubinstein is rolling out its new Wanted Stellars and Wanted Stellars Gloss lipsticks to US and Asian travel retail. The products are already on-counter in Europe. The brand has updated its Wanted Shine franchise to create Wanted Stellars Shine Stardust & Comfort. The new products feature technology that mirrors a mother-of-pearl effect with a sparkling lacquer. New “Enhancing Shine Prism” technology enhances the radiance of the formula’s Metashine particles, according to the company. The resulting shimmer is accentuated through a High Reverberation film effect, which acts like a reflective screen for optimal colour projection and matchless radiance. In addition, Wanted Stellars is enriched with a royal jelly elixir, for a smooth, comfortable texture. The new Wanted Stellars Gloss Stardust Shine is available in six shades, to complement the 12 Wanted Stellars Stardust Shine lipsticks. The recommended domestic price points are €28 for the lipstick and €26 for the gloss.


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