John Galliano Rose Gold Charm Bracelet with Solid Perfume Charm

JOHN GALLIANO Rose Gold Charm Bracelet with Solid Perfume Charm ( £79.00 at Harrods ) :

Enchanting and truly unique, John Galliano’s rose gold charm bracelet tells the story behind his floral and woody signature scent. A designer who takes complete inspiration from his muses, Galliano took his original concept from a story he entitled ‘Scent and Scentibility’, where his muse searched for her personal essence.

Each of the six charms was personally selected by the designer to represent his own story and lifestyle. The medal locket – the grand finale of the charms – was chosen to hold Galliano’s luminous fragrance in a silky, soft balm form.

Renowned for his fantastical imagination and undeniable talent for design, John Galliano creates around a dozen collections a year.
What are the charms?

1 - Rose gold charm bracelet with six charms
2 - Medal locket charm filled with ‘Galliano Girl’ fragrance in a silky balm
3 - Book charm inspired by Galliano’s love of writing and drawing
4 - English rose charm represents the designer’s romantic muse
5 - Chandelier charm signifies Galliano’s passion for love stories
6 - Antique dagger charm inspired by the designer’s interest in adventure and heroics
7 - Perfume bottle charm is a miniature replica of the bottled ‘Galliano Girl’ fragrance

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