DuWop's New Products

Eyecatcher Shadows
EyeCatcher Shadows are the ultimate eye-enhancing duo. On one side, there's a satin-matte shade that directly contrasts the color of the iris and, on the other side, there's a shimmering mosaic of shadows that matches the iris. The two juxtaposing shadows create one gorgeous eye!

This combination of contrasting and matching the eye color brings out the blue in blue eyes, the green in green eyes, and the golden tones of brown eyes. 20$
Plumping Paste
Plumping Paste has a rich consistency that's dense with conditioners like castor seed oil and hydrogenated jojoba. It also contains jojoba beads, a highly effective ingredient that gently exfoliates and conditions. An alternative to sugar scrubs, Plumping Paste's jojoba beads are massaged into the lips and wiped away with a damp cloth after 10 minutes. Combined with the classic Venom formula, Plumping Paste leaves the lips supple, full, and hydrated—making it the perfect canvas for lipstick or gloss. 18$

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