La Créme de L'Eau from Issey Mıyake

Issey Miyake has ventured into the skincare market by launching La Crème de L'Eau, which was formulated by Shiseido Laboratory. It will be launched in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the US, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Thailand. It will contain a 50ml jar and a 10ml travel-sized jar. (Please see this WWD article for more information.)

After a worldwide success with fashion and fragrance creations, Issey Miyake debuts a new product line that will make many of us happy: a skincare line. Following the love for water, the very first cream will be named “La Crème de l’Eau” (literally, the cream of water). Among its many unique ingredients there’s one that draws much attention: water from the Kirishima spring - a water so pure and rich in minerals that, according to an ancient legend, it actually cured the deadly wounds of a Samurai warrior back in the XVII century.

La Crème de l’Eau promises to illuminate, lift, tone and moisturize all at once, thus making it a super anti-ageing cream.You will have to wait until Spring 2009 before La Crème de l’Eau actually becomes available in stores at a €220 price (circa $310).

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