NYFW Fall 09 : Michael Kors

SHOW: Michael Kors
MAKEUP: Dick Page for Shiseido
MODEL: Coco, Elite & Iman Chanel, FORD

THE LOOK: Backstage at Michael Kors was hectic. But the conversation held before the show between Michael Kors and Dick Page to discuss the makeup look went as smooth as a silky eye liner. Michael mentioned to Dick that he hadn't done a strong smoky eye for his runway shows in awhile, so that's exactly what they did.For this show, Dick continued with his mixing trend and combined the new black eyeliner pencil with a goldish Hydro-Powder Eye Shadow in order to add a cream base and shine. "Layering (the mix of pencil and shadow) is what gives you the smoky eye effect," explained Dick. Brows were kept natural and lips were an almondy pink. Skin was right on trend by staying clean."The skin is smooth and just matte enough for a contour on the side," said Dick.And there you have it: a classic smoky eye with a modern twist to complement the fashion.

Shiseido The Makeup Dual Balancing Foundation, $37.50.
Shiseido Makeup Luminizing Satin Eye Color in Lingerie, Slate, Tar, (NEW! Will launch in August 2009).
Shiseido The Makeup Hydro-Powder Eye Shadow in Goldlights, $24.
Shiseido The Makeup Smoothing Eyeliner Pencil in Black, (NEW! Will launch in August 2009).
Shiseido The Makeup Perfect Mascara in Black, (NEW! Will launch in August 2009).

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