KENZO Miniature Perfumes

Kenzo presents a collection of three miniatures packed in interesting, wooden flacons named Kimiko, Irina and Indari. These beautiful packages hide Kenzo's perfumes Flower by Kenzo, L'Eau Par Kenzo and Kenzo Amour.

Japanese Kimiko hides Flower by Kenzo under her kimono. Flower is an oriental floral fragrance from 2000, with powdery-floral and pure notes.

Blondie Irina presents perfume L'Eau par Kenzo, a floral-aquatic fragrance from 1996, a symbol of water, cleanliness, health, energy, youth and endlessness.

The third wooden doll, Indari, hides warmth, love and passion of perfume Kenzo Amour from 2006 under his sari. Floral-woody-musky aromas decorate this fragrance dedicated to Asia, with almond-like aromas of Frangipani flower, vanilla-like aromas of heliotrope, Chinese white tea and Japanese cherry blossom, resting on a bed full of vanilla and musk in base notes.

The new miniature collection of Kenzo dolls is available from 2009 and you will receive it for free if you buy any perfume by Kenzo during time around of Valentine's Day!

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