Beauty + Science: No More Wasted Products!

With a little experimentation, you'll have custom beauty down to a science.

Hypothesis: "Reformulating" our makeup stash will give us more mileage from our products...and yield some very positive reactions.

Materials: Tired, broken and neglected makeup; small airtight containers (like empty baby food jars); Q-tips for mixing.

• Foundation + face lotion (SPF if possible) = tinted moisturizer
• Powder blush + clear balm/salve = lip gloss
• Lipstick + concealer + clear balm/salve = cream blush
• Powder bronzer + liquid concealer = cream eye shadow
• White/shimmery eye shadow + moisturizer = highlighter
• Lipstick + liquid concealer = matte lip color (alter the shade with powder or blush)
• Too-dark face powder + eye cream = cream bronzer
• Dark eye shadow + clear balm/salve = cream eyeliner
• Powder bronzer + face powder = brow powder (use a tissue to pack loose powder back into a container)
• Mascara + clear balm/salve (clean wand, rub with balm, and use as normal) = glossier mascara

Conclusion: Spending cash on new products doesn't have to be part of the solution.

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