FW SS11: Chanel @ Dries van Noten

“Dries [Van Noten] wanted to do something slightly conceptual, but colorful at the same time,” said makeup artist Peter Philips backstage at Dries Van Noten.

A shade of hand-mixed, minty-lime pigment was custom-blended for the show to evoke a sense of incipient spring. It was subtle—barely noticeable from afar, save for a lovely highlight that emanated from the brow bone, underneath which Philips had swiped the homespun shadow. Chanel’s Pro Lumière foundation was used for the base, and Poudre Universelle Libre was dusted on top. Toenails were painted with Chanel Holographic polish, whose effect was meant to echo that of bags and belts on Van Noten’s runway.

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