Jill Stuart Fall 2010

15 year old 'blooming beauty' Lindsey Wixson has chosen to promote Jill Stuart's Fall '10 collection. I think she really fits the brand with her doll - like, pretty face. The collection's it item is new blushes, which comes in duos. The eyes are slighly smoky but still pretty.
Blush Blossom
The Blush Powders have been revamped. The new loose blushes come in a much more compact packaging, and it looks like they will also include the same slim brush as the Mix Blush Compacts.Each Blush Blossom contains a "Blush Glow Powder" (on the right side) and a "Shimmer Tint Powder" (left). The sponge layer under the lid can be used to tap off the excess blush powder from the brush. Blushes has their own, soft and white blush brush attached to them. Colours are 01 romantic sweet pea, 02 sweet mum, 03 lady amaryllis, 04 seductive rose and 05 poetic daisy. Only 05 is limited edition.
Jewel Crystal Eyes 05 Romantic Onyx
Sheer silver highlight shade; light pink lid shade; sweet pink crease shade; blak liner/smokey shade.
Jelly Eye Color N #11, #12 and #13
3 new colours to give eyes a wet, sparkling, slightly smoky look. Crystal sheen.

11 frosty candy
12 twinkle star
13 antique chiffon
Nail Lacquer N #44, #45 and #46
Sparkly, diamond-shine shades.
Lip Lustre #28 and #29
Light pink and nude shades of the luxury, brush wanded gloss. 28 virgin kiss (limited) and 29 fairy coral (Limited).
Jelly Lip Gloss #19 and #20
Sheer, light and sparkly peach in tube applicator.In 20 peach.

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