Chantecaille Fall '10: Tiger

To celebrate and raise awareness for the wild tiger, Chantecaille has created a limited edition palette with a selection of easy to wear cheek and eyeshades with an elegant Tiger embossing that is easy to wear and attractive on everyone.

While the world celebrates the Year of the Tiger, the plight of this majestic
animal continues. In fact, this celebration of the tiger places it in a more
perilous situation. Demand has increased for tiger parts including paws, teeth,
bones, and skins while the last of the tigers are being poached, tiger farms are
sprouting in Asia catering to the illegal trade in body parts. Tigers are
poached, hunted and exterminated for small and big profit. The disappearance of
wild tigers is of utmost urgency, as the loss of our top predators is the
barometer of an ecosystem in trouble. Since 1998, the last Year of the Tiger,
the population of tigers in the wild has diminished from 5,000 to 3,200. With
this palette, Chantecaille supports TRAFFIC*, an international wildlife trade
monitoring organization to help save the last tigers in the wild. It is a
world-wide concern, which needs attention and focus.
Tiger in the Wild Palette ($78.00)
The Look for Fall is a strong woman who exudes confidence and power in a subtle yet distinctive manner. Her style is streamlined and modern. Her color palette is simple and well defined. Her clothes are chic and appropriate for any occasion and any destination. A few prominent looks are pantsuits, skirts, blouses, blazers, hats and the versatility of a sharp masculine style contrasted with a soft feminine look, exemplified in such materials as leather and tweed mixed with lace and sheer chiffon. Colors are blues from Prussian to Indigo, pewter, cream, and shades of persimmon. 5% of the proceeds benefit TRAFFIC.

Lip Chic ($30.00)
Bold yet wearable orange
Anaïs Universal pink

Brilliant Gloss ($28.00)
Everyday natural

Le Stylo ($26.00)
Alluring deep blue shade

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