Smashbox Beam for Fall '10

Smashbox Cosmetics has unveiled two new double-ended highlighters, one for eyes and one for lips. Both are designed to brighten and define, and deliver a subtle touch of luminosity. Each retails $22.

Eye Beam Double-Ended Brightener is claimed to highlight and brighten eyes in one quick step. The highlight side gives the inner corners of eyes and the brow bone a luminous glow, while the brightener side delivers radiant definition when used to line the lower inner rims of eyes. The formula includes vitamins C and E, and moisturising coconut oil.

Lip Beam Double-Ended Pout Perfector offers a highlighter and gloss in stick format. The highlighter side should be applied to the cupid’s bow and just under the lower lip to add contour and depth, while the pout side should be applied to the centre of the mouth to create the illusion of fuller lips. The formula is enriched with high-shine polymers and antioxidants vitamins C and E.

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