Marc Jacobs Limited Edition Bottles

Coty Prestige will introduce a new Pop Art Edition of Marc Jacobs Daisy this autumn. Inspired by the designer’s love of art, it features the edp juice presented in a limited-edition collectible bottle.

The Pop Art Edition is said to capture the perfect mix of moods: “the polish of uptown luxury and a relaxed downtown vibe”. For this version, the Daisy bottle sports a shiny red lacquer, offset with a white logo. The signature petal cap is coloured a contrasting black and gold. The outer carton is also a glossy red, embellished with a black daisy chain border. The 100ml edp Marc Jacobs Daisy Pop Art Edition will be available from August.

Coty will also introduce a new limited-edition version of Marc Jacobs Lola this autumn. The Velvet Edition has been created to celebrate the first anniversary of the original fragrance. As its name suggests, the new version features a bottle with the signature petal cap re-upholstered in a soft velvet. The flacon has also been revamped in a vibrant shade of frosted violet. The outer carton sports a matching violet border and a multi-coloured flower. The Marc Jacobs Lola Velvet Edition will be available as a 50ml edp spray.

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