Philosophy Spring 2010: Flirty Girl

Created to give girls of all ages a playful pick-me-up, this sweet assortment features pampering bath essentials and lip shines with a coy hint of color. Philosophy's Flirty Girl scent is sweet, soft, and fun—a lighthearted pick-me-up for girls of all ages. Enjoy a rich, foaming lather formulated to gently cleanse and condition skin and hair. Treat your skin to the natural-oil-infused body lotion, designed to increase moisture retention, provide nourishment, and leave skin feeling silky-smooth. Add a brilliant finishing touch on lips for the complete flirty effect.

From high pony tails to highlights, ballet slippers to high heels, passing notes to passing glances, from cooties to chemistry, from little girls to ladies, there's a Flirty Girl in all of us. Bring her out to play.

Philosophy Flirty Girl Shower Gel Set $35
A three-piece gift set scented with a sweet, playful fragrance. Both shower gels and Flirty Girl lip shine is included.

Philosophy Flirty Girl Lip Duo $20
A high-gloss, high-flavor lip shine duo. o double the flirty fun, apply bubble gum blow out to lips, then highlight with a touch of Flirty Girl in the center to create a beautiful, two-toned shine and a fuller-looking effect.

Philosophy Flirty Girl Lip Shine $12
A high-gloss, high-flavor sweet candy lip shine.

Philosophy Flirty Girl Gel $16
A multitasking cleanser that flaunts a sweet, lighthearted scent.

Philosophy Flirty Girl Lotion 16oz $24
A moisturizing essential with a flirty fragrance.

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