Donna Karan pureDKNY

Donna Karan launched new perfume called pureDKNY described as “more than a fragrance, a state of mind, a way of being, living responsibly.”

“pureDKNY speaks to the core essence of who I am and what I want to touch – the people and children I love, and being at one with nature,” explained the designer. “It’s about those little moments that bring you joy, pure and simple.”

The fragrance aims to evoke a feeling of peace; a moment to escape and find refuge from everyday worries. According to the brand, pureDKNY captures that moment, by embracing a love of all that is pure and honest in the world.

The juice is said to set the tone for all that follows. Sensuous and tender, pureDKNY is characterised by a drop of vanilla in water as its signature note. Other key ingredients include a dew-drop petal accord, lotus flower, Bulgarian rose, jasmine, freesia, orchid, white amber and sandalwood.

Because pureDKNY strives to be responsible, socially conscious and environmentally aware, the vanilla used is sourced from vanilla bean farmers in Uganda, the majority of whom are women.

pureDKNY is partnering with CARE, a leading humanitarian organisation fighting global poverty, to help these women who are playing an integral role in the creation of the fragrance.

“Empowering women is what Donna Karan and the DKNY brand promotes. Being able to positively affect the women in Uganda and give them the possibility to become entrepreneurs was a huge draw in using the Uganda Vanilla for this project.”

The fragrance packaging also communicates its message in style and in substance. The clear glass bottle is inspired by a raindrop – all curves and no hard edges. The glass is 100% recyclable. The carton is printed with lower VOC inks and made from Certified Forest paper.

pureDKNY will be available as a 30ml, 50ml and 100ml edp spray, plus a 200ml Body Butter and 100ml deo spray.

The advertising campaign for pureDKNY aims to celebrate the beauty of caring, and convey the simple message that joy is found in whom and what touches our lives. Photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg, the campaign features Angela Lindvall, who was chosen as much for her eco-conscious lifestyle as for her natural sophisticated beauty. “Angela embodies the pureDKNY message,” explained Hans Dorsinville, EVP Creative Director at Laird and Partners, DKNY’s longtime advertising agency. “There’s an authenticity to what she stands for. Angela was part of the green movement long before it became fashionable, speaking to people about the small changes they can make in their lives that can make a huge difference. Angela talks the talk and practices what she believes in a very stylish, approachable way.”

pureDKNY’s campaign was deliberately photographed in New York City against an urban backdrop to represent the calm side of the city, or what Karan calls, “an oasis inside the chaos.” The message is essentially that the peace found in nature and an environmentally-friendly life can be had anywhere, even in New York City.


“pureDKNY speaks to the core essence of who I am, how I live, what I care about, and what I want to touch. It transcends fashion and of-the-moment passions. For me, it represents forever. As a brand, pureDKNY is about all my favourite objects of desire that are laid-back, and all about comfort and effortlessness. You hear the word pure and you conjure up the beauty of nature and simplicity. Our lives are very complex, especially if you live in the city and, as a woman, are balancing many roles. You long for the simple things that make you smile and bring inner peace. I wanted the scent to evoke those feelings. I’m passionate about Africa and helping to make a difference in whatever way I can, especially when it comes to preserving culture. Vanilla is indigenous to Uganda. It’s a wonderful, natural resource that needs to be cultivated in order to thrive. To be able to help maintain a sustainable trade in Uganda through my products means the world to me. You want to help a community take care of itself. When people have jobs, they have income and health care, along with pride and dignity. Life is all about balance. I couldn’t do what I do if I didn’t find calm in the chaos,” she observed. Life is a journey, an ever-evolving one. I’m always open to new ideas and beliefs, and I’m passionate about making a difference wherever I can. Whether you’re talking about my fashion or philanthropic initiatives, I believe in quality, luxury and comfort. My foundation – Urban Zen – is about patient welfare, preserving culture and empowering children. Quality of life has many forms and intentions.”

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