Illamasqua Fall 2010 Heart of Darkness Sneak Peek

The influence behind the AW10 Art of Darkness collection is a blend of the dangerously intriguing art of alchemy - potions, elixirs, liquids and concoctions designed to enrich, poison and dazzle the senses - and the world of myths and magic, with defined figures each with their own distinct personality, coming together for a sumptuous feast...

The collection is buit around 12 different characters.

Precision Ink
The bold, intense shot of colour is wonderfully easy to use, with a fine pointed nib that works to create fine lines, or can be used on it's side to build up bold strokes of colour.

Abyss - Pure Black
Alchemy - Spun Gold

Nail Polish
Viridian - deep metallic green
Scarab - metallic red

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