Tarina Tarantino Summer 2010

There are 5 collections: Bibarucci, Candy Cameo, Electric Butterfly, Tokyo Hardcore and Victorian Punk. Each collection contains:

Lip Gloss Ring $35: A vibrant, stylish cocktail ring that houses Tarina's high-shine, low-tack lip gloss.
Eye Dream Hypershadow $19: Tarina's exclusive pressed eyeshadow formula.
Lip Gloss $19: An innovative, high-shine lip gloss.
This ensemble pays homage to Barbara Hulanicki of Biba and Elio Fiorucci. Fiorucci was known for his sexy, playful designs that were a fashion "must" during the era of Studio 54 and Disco. Barbara Hulanicki created a world of pure 1960's rock 'n' roll decadence, with black and gold, leopard prints, and Egyptian accents.
Taking a colorful inspiration from her grandmother's vintage jewelry box, Tarina designed Candy Cameo around neon-colored cameos with glossy hearts and bows. This collection is playful, with vibrant colors mixing harmoniously.
This ensemble evokes an electrifying journey—the psychedelic metamorphosis of Electric Butterfly. While designing this collection, Tarina took cues from acid-bright 1960's op-art posters and Art Nouveau illustrations from the early 1900's. The art from these eras, with their highly stylized images and curvilinear shapes, reference the patterns in butterflies' wings.
During Tarina's first trip to Japan, she relished the futuristic culture of cuteness. This collection showcases high-tech Tokyo style, including hot, neon hues.
Channeling Gothic style and 1970s punk rock, Victorian Punk references turn-of-the-century haberdashery and dress. This ensemble features hand-printed scrimshaw skull cameos. Rich shades of red, black, and purple combine to create a story of romance and gothic fantasy.

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