FW AW10: Aveda & CND @ Jason Wu

Aveda @ Jason Wu
“The Jason Wu hair look for this season is all about charm—this is a look of romance and innocence. I took inspiration from Holly Hunter in the film, “The Piano.” –Odile Gilbert for Aveda

-Prep damp hair with Aveda Smooth Infusion™ Glossing Straightener for added shine and straightness, and blow-dry smooth with a flat brush.
-Use a comb to create a clean part—either in the center or wherever hair parts naturally. Then pull hair into a loose ponytail at the nape of the neck, allowing hair on either side of the ponytail to cover the ears and rest at chin length. Spray with Aveda Control Force™ Hair Spray for all-day strong hold.
-Wrap a 10-inch bungee elastic around the ponytail, criss-crossing it from top to bottom to create a braid-like pattern. Tie securely at the bottom and set with Aveda Control Force™ Hair Spray.
-Wrap the braided ponytail into a flat chignon at the back of the head and secure with hair pins.
-Allow a few loose pieces of hair to fall naturally around the face. The sides should be loose and romantic while the chignon is more tightly secured in place. Finish the look with Aveda Control Force™ Hair Spray for lightweight hold.

In the silver look, Crush Metal Pigment in Platinum was swept onto lids and blended with water for a more translucent hue - and Cream Color Base in Pearl was pressed into the center lid to create a luminous reflection. In the gold version, Crushed Metal Pigment in Golden Lemon was applied to the lid and crease instead.

To create the custom color blend of masculine and femininity that Wu requested, CND began with one coat of silver chrome with two coats of putty on rounded square nails. Super matte top coat gave the resulting neutral gray an industrial, urban edge.

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