theBalm Spring 09 Collection

Down Boy
A shadow and/or blush that adds just the right amount of pink to cheeks. The formula is paraben free and made of fine-graded powder, which helps to provide an even and smooth texture to the skin. The light-reflecting particles give off an aura of elegance that's sure to get you noticed. 20$
TimeBalm Foundation
A solid foundation paired with a sponge applicator that crafts a flawless face by smoothing out imperfections and leaving a perfect canvas for further beautification. Made with a vitamin-packed, rejuvenating formula, this product can be worn all day long—guilt free.

The beneficial ingredients of vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, soybean oil, panthenol, linoleic acid, phospholipids, and beeswax create a cocktail that combats wrinkles and protects the eye area from environmental stresses.

28$, in 4 shades.
Big Kabuki Brush
A larger version of the beloved Kabuki brush that proves that sometimes bigger is better when it comes to applying your makeup. Made with cruelty-free goat hair and designed to pamper your skin, these bristles feel like there is a breeze caressing your face with every swipe. 24$

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