The Body Shop ''Moroccan Rose''

I stopped at The Body Shop one day ago, and picked myself Christmas Collection Eye Palette in Warm Colours, which has a gorgeous glimmer and a great amber - toned eyeshadow in a little black case, and 50% off which was a great deal ( the sale was legendary! ). Whatever, I didn't forget to spritz Moroccan Rose, and I found it cute ... but not cute enough to buy. I am a sucker for rose fragrances, and this reminds me Bvlgari Rose in EDT form. It was a plastic doll - perfume - like rose accord, and some refreshing flower notes in a very subtle way. Then the fragrance turns to an exotic rose fragrance with a burst of pepper and some other spicy notes - I swear it was some saffron there too. It might be a cute choice for darker skinned girls with spiciness, but that's all. Not ''special enough''.
The shower gel and body milk will be available as a set for the great price of $29.90, a 25% savings over the individual retail price.

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