FW AW10: Nars & Redken @ Marc Jacobs

NARS & Redken @ Marc Jacobs
“I was inspired by the film La Vie des Autres. I wanted the models to have a dirty look as if the hair and makeup had been slept in,” said designer Marc Jacobs, who specifically requested Barbarella lipstick to be used on the models’ lips.

Backstage at Marc Jacobs, François Nars described the makeup look he did as “like when Kate Moss goes out and wears the same makeup the next day. These girls are sexy and cool. Their makeup looks dirty and worn out as if it has been on all night but still translates beautifully on the runway. All the colors of the show are neutral, beige and brown, so the makeup is the only focal point of color.”

The face was kept “very natural,” Nars said, with liquid foundation and a little blush for a shine-free finish. Sheer Glow Foundation and Enchanted Blush (NEW for Summer 2010) is used. On lips, Barbarella Lipstick was used; “The lips will look dry with a stain of that [coral-orange] color,” Nars said of the final matte lip look. Eyes were two shaded, a gray lavender hue and a faded baby blue, which were applied with the fingers to give the worn look. D. Gorgeous Single Eyeshadow was used. They got framed with Black Moon Eyeliner Pencil and Nuits Blanches Eyeliner Stylo, along with along with “tons and tons” of Larger Than Life Volumizing Mascara for a sticky, clumpy finish, Nars said, calling it a “focal point” of the overall look.

To achieve the style, models’ hair was first trimmed either the day before or the day of the show to a length that was below the collarbone but above the bustline. Then, layers were cut into the hair onto which Palau spritzed Redken’s Fabricate, a heat-activated texturizing product. “It’s a French, Seventies-movie feel,” Palau said of the inspiration. “There’s an ease to the sophistication — it’s not an unkempt look.”

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