SEPHORA's New Glittery Glosses!

Ultra-Shine Lip Gloss - Glitter
Glide Sephora's succulently scented, ultra-glossy lip shine over your favorite lipstick or wear alone for a wash of shimmering color. Pair with your favorite lip liner for added depth and durability. Now in super glittery holiday colours! 14$ each.

-Glitter Red 31 (red with gold glitter)
-Glitter Fuchsia 32 (fuchsia with pink and diamond glitter)
-Glitter Beige 33 (beige with silver and gold glitter)
-Glitter Pink 34 (baby pink with blue and pink glitter)
-Glitter Black 35 (black with gold and pink glitter)

I just purchased the black one...sigh. Although the glitters kinda feel harsh and doesn't really liquid-metal-like I really like the colour. It is less gooey, more deep and more shimmery version of MAC Style Black ones. It just looks stunning over red lippies. Purchasing a black gloss may seem stupid and rebellious but it is definitely a multi tasker. Sephora glosses have a light caramel-ish scent. I'd prefer fragrance free but the taste is definitely pretty. I may purchase the red one soon. Those doesn't come with an air balloon like dazzleglasses. The formula isn't overly sticky and looks lush -not chrome like but glossy-. It doesn't feel dry which is a huge plus, because the glitters can be a little drying by itselves. Also the gloss is really affordable and seem to last a while.

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