Vintage Sister Holiday 09

Vintage Sister Holiday Flavours - 15 New Flavours!

Candy Cane - This season is not complete without the cool, crisp taste of ever popular candy cane. We've combined that tingle we love on our lips with just the right amount of sweetness to make this a must have for your holidays.

Christmas Kiss - A delicious blend of peppermint kissed with luscious milk chocolate. Just apply and smooch away!

Butter Rum - The rich, buttery goodness reminescent of the classic lifesaver flavour. A perfect holiday treat!

Red Currant - This is a take on the popular holiday votive with lip friendly flavours! Fruity red currant notes intermigle with hints of rose, geranium and orange; and a bit of a green undertone. A very sophisticated, upscale berry lip balm flavour.

Jack Frost - A delicious mix of cool spearmint, frosted peppermint and delicious vanilla.

Cheers! - Toast to the new year 2010 with this champagne and strawberry flavoured lip balm

Christmas Cookie - You'll taste all of your favourites; chocolate, sugar and butter cookies swirled into one lip balm.

Cinnamon Swirl - A Christmas morning tradition ... warm cinnamon buns ... dripping sugar frosting... Delicious!

Winter Berries - Picture a yummy bowl of raspberries, blackberries and strawberries bursting with flavour and covered with bavarian & whipped cream!

Ribbon Candy - This balms swirls hints of peppermint, cinnamon and powdered sugar sweetness into a balm that is sure to become a favourite!

Snow Angel - Fluffy angel food cake topped with sweet strawberries and grizzled with chocolate ganache glaze. Yummy!

Mistletoe - Start with a caffe latte, add rich vanilla cream and pumpkin pie chai and you will get this special treat. Perfect to share under the mistletoe.

Sugar & Spice - A scrumptious blend of brown sugar, orange spice and warm cinnamon apples.

Rudolph's Glow - What tops off a cold, winter's night by a warm fire? A steaming mug of hot cocoa, blended with amaretto and irish cream. This balm captures all of these flavours in a perfect blend.

Gingerbread - As the colder weather approaches, reach for this delicious comforting treat. Fresh out of the oven arome of warm cinnamon, and ginger, swirled with butter and a touch of sweet brown sugar will definitely spice up your holidays.

Egg Nog - Christmas cheer captured in a balm! Just the right amount of vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and splash of rum makes it a perfect holiday flavour.

Each is about 4$ and you can find them at
www.vintagesister.com !

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