Lime Crime Cosmetics CandyFuture Lipsticks

Lime Crime Candyfuture Lipstick: tube-to-lips color in one stroke
In typical Lime Crime fashion, this lippie is bursting with pigment for criminally bright, opaque results! Smooth, creamy formula is long-wearing but won't dry out your lips. Luscious low-sheen finish can be worn alone or played up with clear gloss. Each lipstick is carefully packaged in a bright pink tube adorned with a holographic unicorn - the ultimate accessory! Not tested on animals. Your journey into Candyfuture begins with 10 dare-to-wear shades. Could you ask for more? Actually, yes! Stay tuned for an expansion set of more game-changing colors this November.

From top to bottom: Cosmopop, My Beautiful Rocket, Great Pink Planet, Countessa Fluorescent, Centrifuchsia, Retrofuturistic, D’Lilac, Airborne Unicorn, No She Didn’t and Styletto.

Airborne Unicorn, as mysterious as the animal it's named after. This purple is pastel and neon at the same time.
Centrifuchsia Fuchsia, amplified to a cosmic degree.
Cosmopop Buttery, softened orange. Think creamsicle, yum!
Countessa Fluorescent Clean, bright neon pink for that perfect Barbie pout!
D'Lilac, crème de lavender dessert in a tube. For post-modern Marie Antoinettes only!
Great Pink Planet, Cool-toned pastel pink with a neon note. Zing!
My Beautiful Rocket Pure luminous orange without those annoying red undertones!
No She Didn't Opulent, bubblegum-blue. Who said blue is a no-no?!
Retrofuturist Boutique crème de lavender dessert in a tube. Opaque coverage with low sheen.

Styletto Luscious, creamy black that gives you 100% coverage right out of the tube!

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