Lancome Fall 09: Declaring Indigo

Used at NYFW back in February, Declaring Indigo is Lancome’s French Revolution inspired collection slated for this fall. Created by Aaron De Mey, Lancôme's Makeup Artistic Director, the Declaring Indigo collection is inspired by the colors of the Parisian coat of arms, the French Revolution and the spirit of freedom and impertinence. Striking primary hues saturate the collection as it features rich royal blues for eyes and velvety matte reds for lips.

Some of the items are
-Virtuose Mascara a deep indigo lash top coat sprinkled with gold shimmer
-Limited Edition Palette Liberté in Bleu Royauté
-Rose Liberte Golden Powder
-Three red hued lipsticks
-One golden Lipgloss
-One red Lipgloss
-Navy, gold and dark red Nail Polish

Here's the Source

Those photos are from Atouchofblusher.blogspot.com !