Victoria's Secret ''Brazil Dream''

Very Sexy Now collection by the house of Victoria's Secret is inspired by opulent aromas and tropical colours of Brazil this season. Besides this line, other sunny collections were presented: Bare Bronze and Very Sexy make-up for summer in slightly darker or pastel shades.

Very Sexy Now - The Beauty Of Brazil answers the question: What is sexy in this moment? Sandy beaches, topical fruit and life coloured in pastel nuances and rays of sun. Essences of the perfume represent Brazil and its aromas, including papaya zest, exotic orchid and creamy finish of coconut milk.

Along with eau de parfum, available as 75 ml (2,2 oz) EDP, Very Sexy Now-Silkening Fragrance Mist, was also presented and dedicated to beauties of Brazil. It incorporates the same aromas as EDP: papaya, orchid and coconut, along with berries and murumuru extract (a sort of palm with edible fruit which grows in Brazil), leaving a silky and gentle trace on your skin. Available as 75ml.

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