Salvador Dali Little Kiss Cherry

Salvador Dali will launch Little Kiss Cherry, a new woody citrus floral flanker to last year's Little Kiss, this coming April:

LITTLE KISS CHERRY is a new women’s fragrance by Dali that celebrates refreshing, balmy days with sun-filled skies, those rare and special moments when taking a stroll is pure pleasure.

LITTLE KISS CHERRY is an irresistible burst of springtime. It’s the time of white apple trees and cherry blossoms so light and airy that a puff of air sends the flowers adrift on a soft breeze.
Little Kiss Cherry was developed by perfumer Emilie Bouge, and features notes of yuzu, citron, litchi pulp, cherry blossom, camellia, water lily, magnolia bark, musk and rice powder.

Salvador Dali Little Kiss Cherry will be available in 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette; the graphic design is by Mikael Carriau.

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